Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Magic Ball Magic Shawl Magic Knit

I am a magician.  No card tricks, no appearing bunnies (well, unless plucked over and spun and plied, etc, etc), no disappearing elephants (unless you count the gray wad that is hiding in the stash closet - don't ask, the story is way too long).  None of that type of magic.  Some days it would be nice to pull a quarter from behind my ear - this I will admit.

Nope.  None of that.  I am a knitting magician.  And, I have knitting magician friends!  Recently, many of us gathered for a day of magic.  Let me digress long enough to clue you in to the glorious fact that the day of magic was not limited to yarn, scissors and needles.  This particular day of magic has resulted in the awesomeness of the phrases "DAT's Dat! and LouBreesiana"  I am still celebrating that magical win, but I shall now return  to the yarn story from the California southland rather than the alternate story of celebration from the Louisiana southland.

 The Magic Ball gathering at Knit 'n Stitch was led by a mighty oak of creativity - Cheryl from Acorn to Oak.
The link will take you to her version of the current working version of a Magic Ball Magic Shawl.  Cheryl shared tips and tricks for getting the random magic to occur by pre-determining the final look one hopes to achieve.   Women wielding scissors and yarn creates an atmosphere filled with artistry.  The air  drips with the wonder of it all.  Inspiration sits on the shoulder and whispers sweet encouragement. 

I made this magic.

My shawl has a very fuzzy side with yarn tails proudly waving.

And it has a more refined side with just a few wisps of eyelash flirting coyly.

I love the magic.

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  1. Wow! It turned out great! I love it! Thanks for the kind words. They mean a lot! It really was a magical day. I so enjoyed watching everyone create and hearing so many people say how much fun they were having. It was awesome! And, you're right...the Saints winning was magic too! :-)