Monday, February 15, 2010

Non Olympic Shawl

That's right, this one does not count as in the knitting Olympics.  It matters not which version of challenge in which you participate, this still would not count as an accomplishment.  This shawl was begun two weeks ago as the mindless project of the moment. 

It might be called Wheat, which is the current name of the photo file.  Or, it may become Amber Waves.  As in amber waves of grain.    I just can not decide.  The dirt is there as a double ruffle at each end.  Sixty inches of dropped stitches results in long swaths of 'stalks' separated by furrows of openness.

The issue of a name is complicated as I am in the midst of crocheting small flowers that might - or might not - scatter about near the brown ruffles.  It seems that flowers might not be welcome in a field of grain whether wheat or some other food source such as rice.  

This is a better look at the construction.  This is Hempathy by Elsebeth Lavold.  The pattern can be had here or on Ravelry as the "Dummy Clap" by Anna Peck.  I cast on 53 stitches and ended up with a wonderfully wide shawl that  easily rolls in on itself to be a scarf.  The only modification I made is on the ruffle which is not specified in the pattern.

After edging the entire piece with single crochet (brown) and working a crab stitch along both lengths, the double ruffle was added to the ends.  Using two circulars so as to work in the round, I picked and knit one stitch in each single crochet front loop (needle 1) AND in each single crochet back loop (needle 2) which made is quite easy to work round and round for a ruffle.  The stitch count was sufficient that I only increased on round 2 and round 5.  I like the result.

So, two decisions remain.  To add flowers or not is decision number one.  Decision two is more difficult because these are not, I repeat, not my colors.  I don't wear amber golden hues.  Although I do wear brown because I am told it is a neutral and everyone can wear brown.  So, who gets a gift?

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