Monday, February 22, 2010

UnTwisted Spring Fling AKA - not quite an Olympic endeavor

Having cast on seventy-two hours too late, my current endeavor is not part of any official or unofficial knitting Olympic event.  Alas, sometimes life gets in the way of life.   The original pattern, which is listed as Spring Fling,  is from Twisted Sisters and uses both Handpaint and Daktari. 

I was busy searching the stash for yarns when daughter & her man arrived for a visit.  This is the same man that yours truly forced to sit still and hold a needle of knitting whilst I frogged back to a predetermined row.  That might not seem such a bad thing, except that at the time we were sitting in a waiting public...where other males saw him holding said knitting public...holding knitting.  It was a beautiful moment that turned our relationship from "daughter's date" to "daughter and her man".    

But I digress away from the yarn.  So, there I am in the stash closet when said man arrives and inquires about the frantic mumblings.  

"Trying to find something to match with this"  This is Louisa Harding Cinnabar #4 - green, flax, brown.
"You should put that"  That being one skein of blue sock yarn that might be a gift for my man"

"No.  Not that."
"Why not?  It goes."
"Because I am saving that for something else.  Don't want to waste a whole project for just a little bit of yarn."
"How much is a little bit? What is wrong with that black over there?"
"Wrong kind.  Need something thinner"

"This"  Finally!  This being clearance cheap green that claims to have some remainder of what was once bamboo and thus qualifies as "green" in both color and form.
"AH.  Yep.  That will do.   Now to find something that pops!"
"That stuff balled up over there is perfect"  Oh, please.  That stuff is the left over Cascade Venezia from the recently blocked Soleil.  The shade is no where to be found in all the colors wandering through the Cinnabar #4.  What is the man thinking?

"No it is not perfect!  I just made a tank with it and I am tired of looking at it."
"Yes it is perfect.  See how it contrasts?  If I were back in the printing business, I would advise any client to add in this shade with the green and not quite brown of this mixed up stuff. (Well, at least he tried to describe the Cinnabar)  It is perfect!"

Shucky darn.  

It is perfect.  

This thing rocks.  

All because of a man and his former life in printing. 

Moral:  color transcends function.

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  1. Awesomeness in your daughter's man. Awesomeness also in your expletive. SHUCKY DARN is my mom's favorite.