Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slogging Away At Projects

Slog - to plod (one's way) perseveringly especially against difficulty. And I am guessing that said difficulty includes boring bits on the way to a finish line.

Slogging away at the Cherry Top. Every time a project, which previously excited my creative juices, gets to the bazzillionth stitch all excitement vanishes. When that bazzillionth stitch is yet another knit stitch in an endless round of knit stitches not even mindless television can divert my mind for the boredom. For this reason alone, the hem line of most sweaters that come from my needles are not just plain sweater bottoms.

Boredom sets in and something has to give or else a catatonic state will settle in and the brain, fingers and needles will freeze into position.

Cherry Top decided not to end with ribbing. Call out the knitting police! No ribbing. Just call me a rebel. Somehow, adding in a purl was not going to break up the boredom. Hopefully, once completed, dyed and blocked, the purist police will be pleased.

Slogging away at the Mandrill socks has finally resulted in completion. Caution: personal opinion follows. The Ella Rae proved disappointing. That the socks are complete and there is still color on the yarn is a miracle. Absolutely every time I worked on the socks, color rubbed off on my fingers. While the yarn works up just fine, the color transfer has ruined it all. Don't think I'll be using that stuff again.

So, after slogging away at the socks since August, the completed pair hit the vinegar bath. Watching socks soak is really not at all exciting. No, not at all. About as much fun as watching socks dry.

Still slogging away at the feather & fan afghan that is destined to be a gift. Should have made a lap robe - it would be done!

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  1. Ella Rae, yes! Now that you mention it, my bamboo needles still have a bit of a greenish cast from the plain kilt hose I made for John.

    I have another pair of socks that bleed every washing. Vinegar hasn't seemed to help. Will be interested to hear how the color holds up for you.