Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cherry Topping Is Done

This adventure to create a color more suited to me is really a story about taking a class. Getting education. It matters not if the class is about crochet, spinning, knitting, cost analysis, marketing, cooking or eco-friendly dyeing. Just get out there and learn something new.

Ann taught a quite satisfying class to the Guild on using food safe products to dye yarn. She has taken her class on the road for weekend retreats and all manner of similar adventures. While any class will do - taking class from someone local has a special built in bonus. Whether I've happened upon this marvelous teacher at a yarn shop or at a meeting or just passing by in town, she has offered encouragement to keep me on the path to success. I've picked her brain several times and know she will always offer wisdom about color manipulation.

Since the raglan was of my own design there really is not much to say about it. For sure the detail could have been mixed up by working two repeats of patterning on the body and only one on the sleeves. Or a different stitch inserted. Or basic ribbing.

That is not the story. The real story is how seven packages of black cherry drink mix can change yarn. That is a wad of the original sitting around for comparison. I am pleased and proud.

Get out there and gift yourself a class in something new. Stretch your wings. Ask Santa to bring you knowledge.

Be Thankful that you still desire to learn.