Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cherry With A Twist

A little bit more on why the entire Cherry Top has to be knit prior to dunking in the dye bath. This Cotton Top yarn does not like bathing. No, it definitely does not like soaking in warm water.

Look carefully at the yarn tails in the photo. Untwisted! Going their own way for sure. As soon as this discontinued Brown Sheep yarn hit the water, the plies (sp?) gave up the love and showed just how independently minded each actually is. It's a good thing that experimentation occurred.

Notice also, the swatch. Those perky little stitches soaked up dye and still managed to keep definition and distinction. Thus the confidence that in the end, all will be well.

Had I not played around with trying to change the yarn color, this tendency to untwist would have become apparent only after dunking seven skeins into the water. Can you imagine the tears and turmoil?

Lesson learned: sometimes it pays to practice first.

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