Thursday, November 19, 2009

Branching Out

Last month I gave myself two birthday gifts. One of the precious acquisitions is Reversible Knitting from Lynne Barr. You can read all about what this great resource contains here.

I love reversible knitting. Especially when it comes to the humble scarf. When a utilitarian scarf has a definite under side - aka wrong side - it seems to cause a lot of fiddling to take place. Is the good side showing? Does it twist the wrong way? Why does this tail look different from that tail? Fiddle, adjust, flip, fix...all day long.

Don't get me wrong. When a light as air lace scarf peeks out from under suit lapels I am entranced. A bit of cashmere laying flat is beauty indeed. But I'm talking about plain every day keep my neck warm scarf making. And I like something totally reversible. Or at least great looking from both sides ala Stefanie Japel's scarf from earlier.

Thus, the purchase of Reversible Knitting and stash surfing for an appropriate fiber for the pattern Branching Ribs. This is a geometric scarf that depends on short rows for the shaping. Worked with two strands held together and 8mm needles, this still manages to look quite feminine and, given what is out there in retail land, quite cutting edge for this season. The pattern calls for cotton. But it has actually turned chilly at night, and pretends to be autumnal in the mornings. Warmth is appropriate even here in southern California.

That is Atacama alpaca that has been hiding for about two years. It was a lucky find at an out of the way store with a great sale. Such a good sale that this entire scarf cost about nine whole dollars. I love my stash. And I love Reversible Knitting by Lynne Barr.

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