Monday, November 23, 2009

BSJ Again

Every time that a Baby Surprise is needed, I am amazed by how quickly this Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern knits up. It is truly magic on so many dimensions. Because this new one will be used as a folding sample only it seemed appropriate to make it as plain as possible

It is an old style baby pastel color worked on 3.5mm. This is the second BSJ I have made with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. This stuff even feels like a baby's cheek. It is working up at 5 st/ 1" so this is definitely newborn size. But as we know wool can be blocked up a bit as the baby grows. Not much can be said about this perfect pattern so I have no special notes to offer. Well none other than I actually planned out the button placement in advance.

Look here. Actual stitch markers telling me where to put the button holes. Now, some would comment that perhaps buttons should be in hand prior to planning button spacing and hole size. Where is the fun in that? The right buttons are not currently in hand and this is meant as just a sample. Thus, to one way of thinking the size and location of the hole does not matter.

To another way of thinking - there is the thrill of the hunt! The actual pounding of fingers and/or feet until perfection is achieved. One could possibly look forward to such an adventure if the desire to sew up the seams ever takes place.

This folding sample will also serve as a model for doing an i-cord bind off with the buttonholes inset on that final bind off. Rather than the sweater fronts overlapping by three ribs, a little more ease across the front chest is achieved due to buttons moving out a bit.

Without a real actual button in hand, I opted for a two stitch hole. This is enough to show others how to accomplish the bind off and hole making in one fell swoop.

(And yes, that final photo is upside down. Note the neck at the bottom and the diagonal lines at the top of the photo. Live with it!)

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