Monday, October 12, 2009

Confession is Good . . . .

Confession is good for the knitterly soul.

One Monkey sock - done. It turns out that if you actually touch the needles and pet the yarn, progress is made. Do note: One Sock.

Unfortunately, this sock is too loose upon my foot. I knew it all along. Every time I tried it on, it was too loose. But I kept going. Knowing the facts did not deter my joy in the making. Working 62 stitches on US size 1 never fits moi. Should have gone down a size. The lace YOs don't help. Fret not. Daughter #2 thinks this sock not only fits her dancer feet, but also brings out her blue eyes. She has offered to take two socks to her home. Geez, now I have to finish the pair.

Feather & Fan afghan hid for quite a while simply because it was too hot to work such a large piece. Fall has arrived and, more importantly, a major gift giving opportunity is just over two months away. I must speed up. I must speed up. I must speed up. Let's hope the weather man keeps coolness in the forecast.

PS - Over the weekend I had an opportunity to see the new bedding ensemble that this afghan was designed to compliment. And it does! Sight unseen the shades of grey selected in a vacuum will work perfectly.

And, just out of boredom and to work on a middle of the gauge project, I started this familiar pattern.

Socks on a 2.25mm, the afghan on huge sticks and this surprise project on a 3.5mm. Surely that covers everything from fun to mindless, small to large and even plain to colorful.

Variety is the spice of life!

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  1. Well, aren't you a busy gal. Neat projects! Miss you lots.