Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just a Scooch Smaller

That was the request. Just a scooch smaller so that her's would be a tad larger. So, let me back up. Owing to the fact that this upcoming holiday season our family has an official son-in-law-to-be, I felt it important to add an adult sized stocking to the mantle. Our current inventory, all produced at various points twenty to thirty years ago by my mother, Ida Mae, includes:
  • dad stocking
  • mom stocking
  • daughter #1 stocking
  • daughter #2 stocking
  • dog stocking - hand me down from daughter #1 when daughter #2 was born and two stockings of the same size were needed
  • cat stocking - made at the last minute to keep crying daughter #2 happy when she realized that dog had a stocking but her new kitty was without a stocking
After surveying all of the "grandmommie" stockings a color scheme was determined. Hard to believe that the simple green/white combination was not represented, and thus the decision was an easy and obvious one to make. When I discussed my plan with the bride-to-be-daughter #2, she thought it a grand idea - - and here is the request - - as long as his stocking is just a scooch smaller than her stocking because, well, you know, "I am a goddess."

Next step - copy my mother's stocking but have the final product smaller. Using an H hook was too big. Down two sizes was too tight when copying the chain 1 between clusters on the original granny square. Finally, I figured out that inserting a chain 2 between clusters on rounds 1 & 2, then using her chain 1 on the third round gave the necessary definition to the granny square while producing the requisite smaller size. It took a bit of fudging to have that final round lay smooth due to the change to ch1. But a heavy book overnight worked like magic to flatten the curl enough for sewing to take place. Sometimes, old fashioned thinking beats out any hints to be found online.

As requested - just a scooch smaller.



  1. Congrats on your excellent work to order, and congrats on rearing a daughter who knows her worth.