Monday, October 26, 2009

Cherry Topping

My new involvement with environmental and kitchen utensil friendly yarn dyeing has caused me to rethink the stash. One bag 'o stash yarn happens to be a discontinued Brown Sheep. Cotton Top is 50/50 wool & cotton in a worsted weight. The color languishing in the closet recesses is 01 which is definitely not a color for me.

Being half wool, the Cotton Top will accept food safe dye and given that eventually I will over dye, the final color is somewhat in question. Already the experimentation has occurred. Because I want consistency throughout the final product, it was easy to figure out that knitting the whole top and then dunking it in a dye bath will be best. Hopefully this will mitigate variance that might result from skein to skein. One can never be too cautious with the mystery of color absorption.

The color of the Brown Sheep (C01) tends toward a faint purple and my plan is for the final raglan top to become the shade in the sample.

Understand that this is just a prediction. A vague goal in the great scheme of life and my wardrobe needs. At least this time I do have a plan - knitting muse notwithstanding.

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