Thursday, July 16, 2009

Christmas Knitting In July

Yes, it is almost too cliche, but the Holiday Knitting has begun. I have decided that the afghan, in shades of grey, will become a man gift. Progress is slow, due to excitement of other projects for me. Things I need completed so that I can wear in the fall.

This F&F is worked with three rows of garter after the three rows of YOs & decreases. The whole effect is less delicate than if all those rows are stockinette. Not rough, mind you. Just less delicate. Perfect for the man I have in mind.

This Managhan is actually the fourth gray UFO sitting around. What are the others? Well, there is the skirt that is almost finished - but for 4 inches of crochet. Then there is a FLS in a soft and undulating 50% silk. And still one sleeve to set in on the cabled cardigan from way back here.

I sure hope that having so many gray projects does not say anything worrisome about my psyche. I am not a gray person. Maybe it is just that my personality is so colorful that it overwhelms the spectrum around me. Could that be it?

Nope. Can't be. I bought new sock yarn yesterday and it is definitely NOT GRAY!

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