Friday, July 24, 2009

Norway Knits

It has been an entire week since I focused on events not related to travel. A quick trip to Oslo sidelined progress on the current projects. What did not get finished: the grey skirt, the grey blanket, the bluish grey FLS.

What did get accomplished is 20 inches on this herringbone scarf. The width is wider than I like. Sure do wish that I had used a bit of math to figure out how wide the pattern repeats would make the final measurement. Oh, well. It made a nice travel project no matter the width.

Before leaving home, several friends told of horror stories trying to carry knitting on European air flights. Thus informed, I was totally prepared. Spare needles in the checked bag gave me a level of comfort. Because I have never experienced any difficulty with bamboo circulars and LAX, I set off to Heathrow with narry a worry. But, being forewarned by friends, before deplaning at Heathrow, I threw in a life line.

No worries. Not one security issue around the knitting in the carry on. Not one question from the polite security team about round tipped bamboo attached to another by a length of plastic. Not that I asked or offered to open the carry on, it you get my thinking. If not asked, don't tell.
Off to Oslo we breezed. Perhaps, thought I, the issue is in the leaving - - getting out of a country rather than simply transferring from one flight to another. So, before heading off to the Oslo airport, the life line went back in because my friends had done such a good job of warning me about this European travel.

No worries. Not even leaving the lovely Oslo. My bag zipped through security, scanned and panned and patted. No security officer even cared that I had the bamboo circulars.

My shoes? An entirely different concern and a story I shall not commit to digital paper.

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