Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Will The Skirt Stay Up?

The skirt is on the final lap and the finish line is soon to be crossed. Must weave in ends of course. And the last little detail. What keeps the skirt from sliding down?

The pattern on which I based the skirt clearly indicates to weave an i-cord around the top and tie a pretty bow. Well, a piece of string might have sufficed thirty-five years ago. Or forty! But, in the elapsed decades I have lost my faith in just string between me and the world. I want, yeah need, something more certain. More secure. More - well just more.

At minimum, the i-cord will have elastic embedded within it. Since I don't know the right way to do it, I made up my own version. This photo shows the back of the work in progress.

Notice that the elastic is a nice sturdy oval variety. My method is to simply wrap the working yarn around the elastic when starting on the next row. You might try clicking the photo to enlarge. The note is to myself, lest I forget how this is done.

The next photo is a poor attempt to show the placement for the needle, yarn and elastic when making the first stitch. I might suggest that (hold on - - abomination on the way) that the elastic actually be tied to the yarn before beginning the i-cord. This knot will prevent the elastic from slipping out of the work as you progress along.

A few details:
* dk weight
* Oval cord elastic - purchased at a fabric store
* Size 6 needle - perhaps going up to an 8 would work better, but I like the look of the smaller. The gauge on an 8 should be such that the result would be a perfect i-cord. Using the 6 results in a flat back where the yarn wraps across the elastic.

This last photo shows what I mean.

If the elasticized i-cord proves not enough to keep the skirt where it belongs, I have a step two already planned out. Step two in the security factor will be to weave elastic thread on the inside of the skirt so that it works to keep the k1p1 ribbing snug and where it belongs.

And no, my middle area does not need the added bulk of a folded over casing at the top, so don't even go there. I am my own bulk, thank you very much.

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