Saturday, July 4, 2009

Breaking Up k1p1 Boredom

I hate ribbing. Fundamentally hate the repetition of nothing. Same thing over and over and over again. Oh, you might surely tell me with some conviction that garter stitch is even less of the same thing over and over. We could have a lively debate over this topic. At least garter, which is I will admit even more repetitious than ribbing, has the monotony broken up by the occasional thrill of counting the resulting ridges. Ridges that can, in my little mind, mean that progress is in the works. But ribbing? Round and round of yet another round of the same old round with nary a horizontal ridge to break up the round and round of the same old round of nothing.

So, since the current project for moi is nothing but 1x ribbing ad infinitum, something else had to break up the boredom. Don't laugh, but I broke up the boredom of k1p1 with k1p1. How's that? What madness has taken over? Simple. It turns out that not all k1p1 equals ribbing.

Let me introduce the Moss stitch. Seed if you prefer. Leftover Bonsai from the Isolt became a little leftover bag.

The pattern is almost not worth writing down. Cast on enough stitches to give the width of choice. Purl one row. Row 2 is knit with eyelet button holes spaced as your heart desires. Purl row three. Work moss stitch until the length will result, when folded, a depth that is in harmony with the width. Work three rows of stockinette and bind off. Work crab stitch to close up sides. Sew fun buttons on the inside of the stockinette under the eyelet button holes.

Ta Da!

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