Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Waiting for Neatby

Lucy is here! Riverside Knitting Guild is the last stop on a weeks long weather impacted US trek for Lucy Neatby. She was last here with our guild about three years ago - give or take. I had the privilege of picking up Lucy at our easy to use Ontario (CA) airport.

Quite fun, she is. Whipped out her camera to snap a photo of the setting sun. First time warmth and sun blessed her trip. Tornado warnings, rain, cloud cover - not in this neck of the woods. It is spring time in the desert. Oh, and should you discover that your cell phone will simply not dial out, Lucy will gladly turn it off and back on to clear out the little meanies that inhabit such things.

I shall wait until my lessons on short rows are completed and then decide if my work is worthy of a post. Have three other projects on needles and hook and those are all progressing quite well. Thank you for asking.

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