Monday, May 18, 2009

Seeing the Forest and the Trees

Very simply and commonly, I turned around to toss away the skin of an onion. And there he was. Right there on the kitchen window. I have named him Blue Throat - at least until he gets Googled and has a better more scientific name. He is a bit out of focus and you will excuse that. But surely you can see how he is hanging on to the exterior waiting for an opportunity to scramble up and over to greener pastures.

And just beyond Blue Throat, face out to the world and making it a better place is she. Quite perky and festive. Can't quite see it in this view, but a hummingbird feeder is just beyond and hanging from a likely tree branch. The feeder is, as one expects, made to mimic a red flower. Quite a lot of hummers in the area - I wonder why?

Clearly she is in her outdoor glory but trying to compete with the indoor happiness. On the people side of the window sits this arc of petals. Orchids certainly do bring many weeks of calmness. At least for me. How can life be frantic when there is such peace to be had?

Details - all of the above are close up details. Like the proverbial "trees" in that adage of old, sometimes it is nice to get caught up in the details. But then again, my big picture view from the kitchen window is awe inspiring in a different way. Sometimes you can see the forest - - - and the trees.

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