Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Stitch At A Time

There I was, working along on a vest, when I looked down and decided that I am either out of my mind or way more organized than might first appear. Any one experienced with intarsia knows that it takes many strings to complete even one row.

Well, I've got strings. And not all are going in the same direction. But I am far enough along on this vest for autumn that each of those yarns is laying in exactly the right 'line-up' for the current row. That is true organization! Even if that man in my life does occasionally frown at what, to his non-knitting mind, can appear totally disorganized. One stitch at a time, one or two yarns at a time. How can that possible be seen as disorganized?

He an I have an unspoken agreement that only one - sometimes two - flat surfaces may be decorated by a work in progress. The way I deal with this matrimonial harmony requirement is to put all of the current working stitches under the table. See how organized. And no matter which fiber I feel like fondling, it is right there at my toe tips.

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