Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shawl or Skirt?

If ever you have the chance, run as fast as possible to take a class from Lucy Neatby. OH MY. The things you will learn make the mind swim with possibilities.

#1 Lucy Neatby is a nice person. Enough said. God done good with her.

#2 You get way more than than just a workshop title. Lucy was contracted to teach short rows for the Riverside Knitting Guild. And learn short rows we did. Don't think that did not happen; I have a detailed handout to prove it. And samples. And a new bind off to use. But she taught so much more. Lucy understands and can explain the why? Why the old way does not work. Why her method does work. Why what you have been doing is OK but can be better.

#3 You will learn that sweaters should not be shaped like a "T" and how to avoid such horrors.

#4 Lucy is nice. Did I mention that?

#5 Lucy speaks MAC.

#6 You get to touch her samples. An entire humongous suitcase filled with knitting that makes your draw drop.

#7 Lucy is filled with freebies! "Oh, you might try this." "This DVD is not available yet, but look at this clip." "Well, here is a different way that might work better for you." "This is what I was thinking when I added that."

#8 Personal, hands on instruction.

#9 A real teacher. Not just someone who knits well. Not just someone who designs well. And actual teacher.

#10 Humor. Lucy is quite humorous and I am not sure that even she realizes how side splitting funny her comments are. Maybe someone will put together a knitting comedy show and she can be the headliner. I can see it now. A world wide tour - a fleece de force if you will. Amazing. This one has possibilities and you heard it first here!

#11 Inspired. A class from Lucy is pure inspiration for you, the attendee, no matter what you claim is you current skill level. Witness this photo:

Lucy's design for a great shawl from her "hole" period. Here we see her convinced that perhaps it is really a skirt wannabe. And, me thinks her correct. There is just something quite liberating about being in a learning environment with someone who sees her/his own work stretched and morphed into a new dimension.

#12 Did I mention that Lucy is just a nice person.

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