Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It Is Square! I Promise

Cast on for an afghan square last night. The guild members are each making aran squares that one very brave volunteer puts together to make the annual auction afghan. This fundraiser brings a goodly sum for the guild and helps to pay for teachers and programs throughout the following year.

So, the concept is very simple. Knit a twelve inch square with the yarn provided. Easy as pie! Garter border inset with texture so as to all come together into an afghan of aran squares. Especially easy to do if you are using one of the fine patterns available in one of the hey-lets-make-an-afghan-by-selecting-a-fun-square-out-of-this books that are readily available. But why would I want to follow a pattern? Sometimes I do follow a pattern. Really. Witness the crochet jacket that is in final stage of following the pattern almost exactly as written.

Having decided to set off on my own and using the educated guess method of casting on, I have started with 60 stitches. I figure that no swatch is needed because there was no pattern. The figuring out of the stitch combination is the swatch. Didn't someone famous and knitterly say that? Surely it is sage advice.

Thus far I have this:

Only twenty rows (that counts as a swatch!) and already it is pulling in a tad too much for my taste. Am thinking that I should have increased by 4 stitches after the garter so as to compensate for the cables. Just can't decide. Perhaps I shall go merrily along on my way and hope that it all comes out in the blocking. It is square. I promise.

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