Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Crochet Garden Blooms

Finally, I am on the home stretch of growing a garden for the crochet jacket. Hiding away at home is quite productive. Yesterday, while it is a fact that much telephoning, emailing and visiting with friends occurred, the entire rest of the day was spent with hook in hand. It was the first time in years that my fingers actually hurt from repetitive action. But I managed to sew together two fronts, one back and two sleeves. Then edge the whole thing. And, as though that were not enough, made a few more flowers and leaves.

Today was for planting the crochet garden. And it is blooming beautifully! Half of the back is stitched down and the rest of the placement is coming along quite well. I decided on a very asymmetrical arrangement. . . well, except for the three leaves in center back. Those three hang down almost with symmetry. As close as mimics nature.

I have decided to keep the front quite plain with only a single orange rose and a few leaves. Just think - a bit more sewing and the garden will be ready to wear to a dinner party on Saturday night. I am feeling quite smug because the whole jacket looks like a work of art, the pattern worked perfectly, and it fits! Does life get any better?

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