Wednesday, September 23, 2015

And Barbara Is Her Name

The pineapple shawl wants to be called Barbara.

It was actually a blast to make.  And I already told you about the exhaustion that resulted from blocking it.  So all in all - this is a winner.

The elongated triangle construction makes wearing it kinda non-traditional.  The pointy end easily weaves into the open work so that it "closes" into a wrap and the pineapples really show up.  Or it can be work like a traditional scrunched up scarf/shawlette thing.  What ever floats your boat.

Hint:  Use the chart!  Reading the words is not the best approach.  I enlarged the chart so that it was easier to see.  Use the chart!

All of that crawling on the floor to block the thing and get the picot points in order was worth it.  Oh sure, it will get a bit wonky after a few wearings but it looks great for now and I am pleased.

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  1. Wow, who knew there were fabulous crochet patterns out there? You found a great one. Nice colors, lovely work.