Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tiny BIG Impact

Beads.  Sparkles.  Glitter.  Shimmer.  Shine.

Call it what you want - this old gal loves bling.  I will buy yarn with shimmer thread twisted into it.  I will buy yarn with beads and dangles and stuff already attached.  And I am not bothered by slipping on bling stitch by stitch with a tiny steel hook.

Yes, I did buy  Swarovski Crystals for my knitting.  These lovely additions are a huge impact even when used sparingly.

This, my friends, is an alpaca cowl with a line of crystal - such a huge result from tiny little bits! The yarn is lace weight and all from Ebony Rose who once upon a time lived in Anza Valley.  Although small and light weight, this cowl is overly warm for Los Angeles.  It might need to go on a trip to the cold so that it can perform admirably and attract attention for the rose colored crystals gracing the Ebony Rose yarn.

PS.  Yes, I also gifted myself the Swarovski stitch markers.

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