Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yarn Stash To The Rescue

The new Interweave Crochet just might be the best thing of the whole season.  As soon as it arrived at the store, I bought a personal copy.   Check out the cover pattern - pineapples on a huge triangle shawl.

Please know that I do not enjoy the crochet pineapple.  My mother and her sister could whip out those "old" doilies [in thread crochet!] without looking at a pattern and faster than I could crochet a Barbie skirt.  Hey - I was only 8 or 10.  What do you expect?

Well, anyway, I put away my disdain for the pineapple stitch pattern and put my hand into the stash.  I knew exactly where the three balls were waiting.  MY COLORS in Freia were just hanging around and hoping for the perfect pattern and this was it.

A very fast hook.  Very fast.  And check out the color shift.  Green became shaded and morphed into blue.

Love it.  Must work faster and faster and faster.

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