Friday, June 12, 2015

What The Mesh?

There is a lot of mesh happening lately.  My inbox is filled with knit & crochet patterns that feature mesh open work on all manner of items.  Even a quick walk into a clothing boutique and "holey" fabric is displayed for the season.  Apparently, I have jumped on the band wagon.

Look at this!  That there is a whole heap of mesh chains interrupted by little leaf stitches.  The pattern is Down The Garden Path by Michele DuNaier.

There are those who will say that I am a fast crocheter (and knitter).  But really, with all those chains and single crochets this pattern works up lickety-split.  The whole thing only took five days.  And that includes blocking and drying time.

The result of all the mesh is a huge and feminine crescent.  This one will not keep you warm in winter.  But it will add flirty charm to a sundress or similar summer ensemble.

There is one major problem with this finished project.  It is not for me.  All that luscious cotton - all that frilly flirty girly stuff - and it isn't for me.

Such is life. 

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