Monday, June 8, 2015

Lending A Helping Hand

This might not be the most profound thing you read today.  What follows will not win  accolades.   However, what follows will matter to four individuals that I do not know.

In between getting major projects finished, I fill the spare minutes with charity work.  Let me be clear about this - there is always time and leftover/clearance/special yarn that can be used for the greater good.

The scarf is destined for the Red Scarf Project.  This is the second scarf I've knit this year that goes to the effort.  A friend is collecting and will do the delivery - so my part is simple.  The pattern is really just one stitch.  Fisherman's Rib makes a squishy warm fabric that is perfect for a scarf!  I like it for a Man Scarf, but really it works for anyone.

Here are three washcloths that will be added to a group effort.  These are all left over cotton yarns from the stash.  I always seem to have two-thirds of a ball left over from some project or another and those bits just pile up in a drawer in hopes of becoming useful.

Well, washcloths are useful  and these cotton swaths become valued when combined with special soaps and passed on to those who need a little special moment each day.

So, to the four individuals who will eventually benefit from my stash and humble handwork - I wish you comfort, joy and wellness.  This old Cajun cares.  Be strong.

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