Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Way The Color Stripes & Pools

About six weeks ago, a stupid thing happened.  I cast on a new "no pattern" top and started knitting around and around.  Over and over.  It went on and on.  About the only thing this boring work was good for was having something mindless to knit when I went to groups and needed to look busy when what I was really doing was listening to all the gossip.

It was such a stupid thing and so very boring that six (yes, six) other projects were finished and still that round and round kept going.  Finally, it was at a length where the front could be split from the back.

It turns out that there is not very much excitement to be had from alternate rows of purl stitches.  Not much at all.

I'm pleased to report that there is great excitement to see what happens to yarn when it moves from in-the-round to flat.  A whole lot of excitement.  I got all caught up watching the colors gather into little pools and then magically move back into a reflection of the bottom.

I've named her Bengal.  As in Tigers.  As in LSU and the Lady Tigers. 

Yarn:  Interlacements Michigan.

Pattern:  There is no pattern.   I just started with a plan and knit until it fit.

And I love the way that Bengal fits.  Yeah me!

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