Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Watch Out Eunice

Ca c'est bon.

The Short Row Fantasy is complete.  Regular readers will understand why this Mardi Gras shawl is now named Eunice.  If you are new here, Eunice, Louisiana is my home town.  It's an amazing place to discover the Cajun Country and experience a local Fat Tuesday celebration.

For such a large and generous swath of fabric, this is a quick knit.  By carving out time, I was able to complete one "wedge" per day.  My shawl ended up being ten wedge repeats.  It would be fabulous with eleven or even twelve repeats but that would require more of the big color #3 - the green in my version.

Already a second colorway is being planned.  Well, actually, I might have already bought the yarn thanks to Annette who helped pick out the trio of shades.  

C'est tout.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE this shawl! Wear it to Guild please so I can get a closer look!!