Monday, November 3, 2014

Caped Crusader

A knitting buddy told me about a capelet pattern and after seeing her finished project, I might have had a bit of jealousy.  Off I went to purchase the Bulky Rose capes through Ravelry.  It took the proverbial village to choose a color but eventually we "all" settled on a Cascade 128 bright green.

 Mostly, I am satisfied.  The 128 is not quite bulky enough for the pattern if you live in the cold and snow.  In Los Angeles, it is just enough to ward off the chill.

It is important to know that the pattern, as written, is not exactly current American sizing.  The S/M is more of a US XS/S.  The largest size, as written is appropriate for American medium and large. 

My friend gave me a hint about length - - add to it.  Like her cape, I wanted mine to end around the elbow bend.  So thanks to a yarn buddy, I have a cape sized for me in my right now life. 

The whole neckline is a series of leafs.  This is the striking feature of the Bulky Rose cape.  You can make what ever flower you desire, but the pattern does include a very simple crochet rose that fits nicely.  My button stash yielded the perfect lightweight buttons to finish off the embellishments.
All, in all, I am happy.

When I make this a second time, I think it will be double stranded Cascade 128 so that it is really warm and will block more wind.  That will make it a Winter Rose cape.  Who knows?  Perhaps one day, I shall visit winter and need stylish protection from the elements.


  1. Yeah, yeah, the cape is nice, but what are those COOL vintage dishes in the bookcase behind you??

  2. Just a portion of my collection of 60s & 70s pottery ash trays.