Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Major Difference

Those who can, do.  Those who can't, teach.  We have all heard that one.  We use it with a sarcastic tone.  Sometimes - well, often - it is true.

But - and this is A MAJOR DIFFERENCE - every time I take a knit or crochet class the teacher can both 'do' and 'teach' better than can I.  It seems to me that the idiom breaks down for all things artsy.  Perhaps this is the reason that I am drawn to the arts.  (I am laughing and chuckling over that wording)  

For several years, I have counted myself amongst the teacher of yarn arts group.  My most recent class was teaching an old favorite:  February Lady Sweater.  Over the years, I have made at least four cardigans from the pattern.  There was a shop sample, a private commission, and two for myself that have gone to the great "too many fuzz balls to shave and wear another year" heaven.

This class was great!  Each student was choosing details to customize the outcome and they each learned something new.  The student who is newest to knitting actually taught one of her classmates the SSK decrease.  I love it when students get the "teaching" bug and help out their classmates.

  Oh, and just to prove that I can both teach and do, I finished my new FLS just in time for the cool snap.

This is Juniper Moon Moonshine which is a worsted single ply of 40% Wool, 40% Alpaca and 20% Silk.  It is warm enough for California, drapes enough for a simple lace pattern and has a bit of shine.

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  1. FLS is one of my all-time fave patterns. I've made various versions of this pattern too and will definitely make more!!! LOVE that green!