Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Creature

One brief moment.  That's what it took to suddenly be on the brink of disaster.

All I wanted to do was to take one or two quick photos that would update you on the progress of the current Woolfolk project.  I turned my head ever so briefly to adjust that magic hem and lay a tape measure so as to prove that progress is being made.

And then. . . .

You must understand that I forgot that Bert was flying free and enjoying life.  He was quietly entertaining himself and not bothering me at all.

And then. . . .

In the flash of a wing, he was suddenly in AWE of my bright pink project bag.  I was caught unaware.  Unaware that I'd forgotten to pull the drawstring tight so as to prevent accidents.  The bag is filled with all the the yarn, already wound into cakes and just waiting to be added in to the needle work.

Faster than my hand could swat, but not so swift that my trigger photo finger could not keep snapping, that creature was ready to grab for the opening and explore the fancy color that had attracted him.

 It is amazing what one beak and one little foot can accomplish.  Surely it was the pink.

Maybe it was the hole that looked like it needed exploring.

Maybe it was a crazed old Cajun lady screaming louder than a jungle bird.

What ever it was, it was a temptation that could not be resisted.

Bert accomplished his goal and discovered a new activity.  And he quickly learned that such activity is a sure way to be sent back to bird jail!

The yarn is unharmed.

And yes, I ate the Halloween candy as a way to deal with the stress of mothering a curious creature.

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