Monday, November 24, 2014

Attack Of The UFOs

This is getting out of hand.  I must get my obsession under control. 

 Here are three UFOs that are on my side work table.

That's one hat that might become a new pattern, the crochet blanket that never seems to make it to the top of the list and the new stocking, which I have already shared.

To be fair, the stocking has received attention and will likely become the first finished object.

 The summer vest missed its calling.  It really wanted to be a part of my late summer/early fall wardrobe.  What can I say but that this became my "slacking" project.  However, if it is going to be ready for wearing out in the desert during The Season, serious time needs to be devoted to this one.

While not making a striped summer vest, I found time to cast on for a wool shawlette.  Really, I should not have done this.  Really.  Because it is all I want to work on and that is being unfair to all the other projects that want to be happily finished. 

But I really, really, love the way the stained glass effect is knitting up. 

And it is possible that I also started a pair of crochet fingerless mitts with the left over Woolfolk. And that means that even if I finish one of the mitts, there is a second one to make because one half of a pair is not a finished object even though one thing does get finished. 

I should not even mention this one.  It really isn't a crochet project because (horror of horrors) I purchased the crochet doilies.  Plain and simple cheated.  The whole idea is to stitch them together to make a table runner or window valance.  I got this idea from my summer travels down under and it swirls around every now and again. 

Yep, it is like the attack of the UFOs around the chateau. 

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