Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Grille For This Girl

Done.  Finished.  Ahhh.

She is named Grille.  Remember the hem that resulted from JMCO?  After much knitting in the round and the joy of a bit of lattice work set off by color block (that's a fancy term for changing the color) followed by the thrill of three-needle bind off and no ends to sew, Grille is finished.

Let's recall the magic hem and admire the beauty of the thing.

Ahhh.  Love it.  And this type of bottom skims what I have to skim over in a way that ribbing can not do.  Ahhhhhhhh.

This is Grille with the full lattice worn on the front.  Yes, it is kinda sheer looking and yes, this old gal has celebrated the big 6 0!  So what?

I figure that as long as the underpinning is appropriate, this look is OK for me. 

And just so you know, a bit of waist shaping goes a long way in the "illusion" department.

If a moment of modesty overcomes my senses, Grille can be turned and worn the other way!  This side is stockinette up to the last eight rows and then the lattice is just an accent along the shoulder.

Are you wondering what that means for back shoulder area?

Here it is.  The light is certainly playing a bit of mystery business through the holey lattice work.

The goal in making different top portions is to give options in how Grille is worn.  And to snub my nose at that Ogden Nash poem about pants.  Yeah, yeah - this is a top and not pants, but the point is kinda the same.

And yes, Mr. Nash, thanks to these photos, I have seen myself  retreating!

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  1. Hahahaha! My Dad used to quote Ogden Nash ALL the time. LOVE that sweater. Yes, you look divine advancing as well as retreating!