Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Knotted Up

This ain't your granny's  cable. This is a knot cable and is worked quite differently from the old standby.  It is still set off with reverse stockinette (or garter or seed), but this one floats above a panel.

Go get the Knit Simple Magazine, Holiday 2014 issue.  This is pattern #15 which include three different pillows designed by Annabelle Speer.  Yesterday, I told you about learning this new way of working a twist into hand knit.  The Ravelry description for this states  You’ll love this needle-free method of making cables: knit strips in stockinette, tie the strips into a knot, then continue knitting.

This would be a lovely holiday gift.  An even better thought is to make this knotted pillow as a wedding gift.  Get it?  Tie The Knot.   Sometimes I crack myself up.

The pattern is clear that the pillows are made in two pieces and seamed.  I've been thinking about that the whole time I worked this thing.  What follows are my conclusions should you be interested.

Pros for working a pillow in two pieces:
  • Seams add strength to knit that will be scrunched, flattened, punched and otherwise used in daily life.
  • Seams let you adjust the final size should you not find the exact pillow form to fit your final pieces.
  • Seams let you practice mattress stitch and become either a pro or a failure.
  • Working in two pieces forces the knitter to slow down due to the "joy" of the purl stitch - unless you knit backwards and well, that's a whole different story.
 Pros for working the pillow in the round:
  • You get to start with Judy's Magic Cast On which is the most amazing and useful contribution to knitting since EZ herself.
  • There is no need to fret counting rows because the front and the back will automatically be the same.
  • Only one seam!
  • Once the thing is a few inches deep, it makes a handy pocket for holding the yarn ball when you put the thing on the floor and someone walks by and that stupid cake of yarn goes rolling under the sofa and someone else has to get down and try to reach or get a broom handle or move the furniture.
Because this pillow (Madelintosh Tosh Vintage in Sugar Plum colorway) is a shop sample,  I followed the pattern and knit two pieces.  You, gentle knitter, may decide for yourself the best way to knit a pillow.

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