Monday, January 27, 2014

Water Makes The Yarn Grow

'Tis true.  Blocking is the key to yarn success.  If you are not proficient at the various options for blocking your work, perhaps you should ask your local LYS to either do the task or (even better) to offer a class in blocking hand knit/crochet items.

 Twenty inches.  Straight off the hook, the center spine of this new shawl measures a mere twenty inches.   Now, there is nothing wrong with that depth.  A shawl can vary greatly depending on the desired usage and personal taste. 
 Check this out.  A good soak in warmish water and appropriate use of pins and suddenly that same measurement becomes thirty inches!  A whole ten inches difference due to the blocking process.  Stitches opened up, lace became lacy, and neck wear is born.

Gee - - I love this yarn thing.

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