Sunday, January 5, 2014

In A Pinch

In a pinch, allowances must be made.  Or is it that necessity is the mother of invention?  Perhaps it does not matter the truth of the saying, but rather the action taken as a result.  I find myself far away from home in the midst of international travel with no needles tucked into the luggage and nary a local yarn store to be found.

Oh, I packed yarn.  A nice grey Bijou Basin Seraphim and a ball of cotton and linen blend that has been following me around for months.  Luckily, my favorite handy dandy "fix a stitch" sawed off crochet hook was right there where it lives tucked away in a secret hiding spot.  It stays there hiding from vigilant security workers who are brought to knee shaking fear by an old cajun with two inches of metal.

Friends, I am here to give testament to the truth that a tiny two inch long 2.75mm hook can be used to work crochet when travel woes push sanity to the brink and one needs the calmness of hook and string.


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