Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It Worked!

In a pinch, allowances must be made.  You might have read my confession in this post where I fretted about my lack of packing skills and confessed that I was reduced to a very short tool for yarn work. 

Success!   I've said it many a time and it is my eternal truth.  I am the master of my yarn, I am the captain of my hook (or needles as the case may be).

 Click on this photo to make it larger and you will see that I did indeed work an entire mobius scarf with a very short "fix-a stitch" tool.  To be accurate, this particular tool is just a cut off size C crochet hook. 

I will confess that getting accustomed to not having that almost six inch long hook in my palm took some getting used to - but it can be done.

And thus, I made a fake mobius cowl for the upcoming summer heat. 

*  Fake Mobius because I crocheted the thing flat and then put a twist in it prior to crocheting the ends together

*  Upcoming Summer Heat because the yarn is 70% cotton, 30% linen and I am thinking that when next the 100 degree desert heat comes my way, the whole thing can be doused in water and wrung out prior to wearing.  It should keep me cool in a more eco friendly way.

All in all, I am pleased with the result and pleased that airport security in countries around the world are not threatened by a little two inch bit of hooked metal.

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