Thursday, January 23, 2014

Flipping Out

For several years, Flow has held a special spot on my "To Knit" list.  Flow is available as a free pattern from Berroco.  The suggested yarn is Seduce, which is now discontinued.  Fortunately, owing to having planned years ago to knit the tank, there was plenty of Seduce in the stash to finally cast on.

A few modifications to the original pattern were made.  First, I worked this version in the round.  Having experienced Seduce in  a prior project, I knew that seaming the stuff is not a personal joy. 

Secondly, I have reached the stage in life where I do not appear in polite company with narrow shoulder straps.  Yes, the yarn is worked at an open gauge that requires this old lady to wear an appropriate underpinning for modesty purposes.  And yes, I might wear this with additional arm coverage either on top or underneath.  But, I also might find myself glowing on a hot and humid summer day with as little as is publicly acceptable underneath.  So, wider shoulders were knit.

Still, this plain black & white yarn needed something to set it apart.  Enter the flipping flouncy ruffle.  This little ruff is simply a series of increases placed symmetrically on either side of the center front.  I started the increases about one-third up from the bottom of the arm hole and placed the ever popular kf&b on the right side rows.

How often did I increase?  Often enough, apparently.  Because at the end, that extra fabric flipped itself perfectly.

My Flow is such a variation that I've named her Flo - - in honor of my aunt who did know how to be a flouncy southern woman.   You, gentle reader, might not understand, but my family will be smiling at the memory of her approach to life.

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