Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Yarn That Binds

Oh, what thrills there are to enjoy when one takes off on a "bucket list" trip.  These last weeks took me to South America and included time in Ecuador and Peru.  For a yarn-a-holic such as yours truly, there was bliss.  I'll spare you an extended tale of talking to the llamas munching grasses at Machu Picchu and instead share some of what followed me home.
Whilst in Ecuador, wandering through the market at Otavalo, I saw many versions of leather bits crocheted together into motifs reminiscent of the "cathedral window" quilt pattern.  Scarfs and ponchos were everywhere.  My initial thought was to skip right over what appeared to be mass produced.  And I stuck to my conviction for about an hour.

Then, at a booth on the far edge of this sprawling market, shading herself from the sun, sat a woman of indeterminate age weilding a crochet hook with speed and grace such that little bits of leather were joined together to make squares.   It was obvious that the squares would be joined into wearable art. 

Not mass production at all.  Just a skilled artisan working daily to produce beauty.  A woman just like me. 

In that moment, I discovered a truth and absorbed it into my soul.  This yarn thing has staying power and is a great equalizer. 

Spin it,
dye it,
work it,
buy it,
wear it,
gift it. . .

. . .blessed be the yarn that binds.

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