Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yarn Corral

That's right.  A Yarn Corral.  I invented it all by myself.    This is not a bit of panty hose.  This is not a yarn bra.  This is using what came with the yarn to advantage and not spending a dime.

The yarn is from Katia and is a slippy slippy viscose, polyamid, polyester blend that has been in the stash for a long time.  When purchased, it came wound on the cardboard sleeve and had a rubber band around it (placed by the LYS) to hold the label and yarn in place. 

This is one of those yarns that becomes a tangle at even the slightest breeze.  But I corralled it.  Yes I did.

First, check out the arrow at the bottom of the photo.  That is the rubber band (free with purchase) and it is on the outside of the plastic bag.  The top arrow points to the yarn tail coming out of the bag at the precise point where I stopped the "zip".

Free Instructions:

1.  Rewind (with great patience) the yarn into an old fashioned ball. 
2.  Place cardboard tube (from inside yarn) into a zip top plastic bag.
3.  Put yarn label into bag for good measure.
4.  Using rubber band (on outside of bag) wrap and grip bag to cardboard so tube does not move and there is no give at the bottom.   Make it tight.
5.  Chase down escaping ball of slippy yarn and rewind as necessary.
6.  Place ball of yarn into cardboard tube and feed end up past zip top of bag.  Yarn might be tight at the beginning.   Never fear.  Barely moving slippy yarn is better than having the stuff roll around under the sofa and come out as a tangled mass of unidentifiable string type item.
7.  Zip closure of bag so that yarn ball can't escape but one little string can be used.
8.  Pray.  Breathe.  Pray.

As it happens, this slippy Katia yarn is being crocheted.  Every time I put the hook down, the yarn started slipping the wrong way and horrid things happened.

To solve the issue, I vowed to never stop until one round of crochet was completed.  That made it easy to use the moveable marker (indicating the start of a new round) to also grasp the yarn loop and prevent anything untoward from happening.

I fought the yarn and I won. 

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  1. I've been using a marker to hold my loop too.

    Congrats on winning the battle of the yarn!