Thursday, June 13, 2013

Great Daystar In The Mornin'

 Daystar will have her public reveal this weekend.  And she is ready!

Daystar is my first attempt at writing a shawl pattern.  I knit a lot of shawls for myself, as shop samples and to gift.  Shawls fit without all of that fiddly fitting.  Know what I mean?

Daystar is named for the star stitches that fall down the center spine.  Those same stars offer a break in the field when changing stitch patterns.  And by increasing within the stars a soft wavy edging - just perfect for beads - ends the bottom of the piece.

One skein of fingering/sock yarn is all that is needed.  By working on a US 8 needle, the stitches really open up during blocking.  This first effort is made in a bamboo yarn and thus the drape is really flowy and summery.  

The open work and drape make it easy to scrunch and wrap and otherwise wad up the thing and still it shakes out into a shawl shape.

I really enjoyed putting together stitches and figuring out the increases to make the triangle grow and become a real life "designed by me" shawl.

Now - on to the pesky precision of turning notes into an actual pattern that has no mistakes.  And finding a few willing souls to test knit the thing.  Any takers?