Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Obverse or Reverse, That Is the Question

Use your favorite search engine or actual printed material and you will discover more than one way to knit anything.  Take the Broken Rib for example.  There is this version here and also this one over there

I chose this way.  'Twill be a scarf of just twenty seven stitches across.  An accent really.  This bamboo/soy won't keep anyone warm in a Wisconsin winter.

By alternating the right and wrong sides of the Broken rib across the width and also along the length, a lovely bit of textural knitting happens.  I'm thinking it would be quite manly if done in a manly color way such as grey or brown.

What I like is that the result is totally reversible.  That matters in a scarf that will twist and wrap and bunch and generally not behave well.

See here.  That blue arrow (click to enlarge photo) points to a spot where the scarf is folded to show that both sides look fine and are similar. 

Which side is the obverse?  Which is the reverse?
Don't fret over the quandary because they are both perfect!

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