Monday, November 5, 2012

Twelve Colors of Fall

Never before have I seen so many Fall colors.  Of course I fell in love at first sight.  There might have even been an audible gasp of joy.  I went back just to make sure that what I first saw existed.  And that is when it hit me.  Full force. 

The reality that I was deep in the throws of breaking a few Commandments related to not coveting was all too obvious.  And with a swipe and a sign, the twelve colors of Fall were mine.

 Twelve colors of Fall - aka Prism Merino Mia -  all combined to make one jacket.  Left to my own devices, this could never happen.  But when those who understand color blending and movement better than do I put everything together in a handy dandy kit, how could I resist.

 So far I have this much of the back knit.  Each colorway appears one time in the whole back.  And the fronts and sleeves as well. 

Now that the evenings begin earlier than I prefer, it leaves long hours of darkness to work long sections of stockinette broken by a few rows of linen stitch.  I am enamored by the twelve colors of Fall.

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