Saturday, November 10, 2012

Falling For Color

Twelve colors in one jacket back.  Progress is swift once life allows time for knitting.  Those twelve colors had the potential to mess with my mind.  However, I stared them down.  Yep.  I lined them up in A - L order and stared at them before picking up the needles.

And I learned a lot about making it all come out with flow and harmony.  The trick seems to be deciding on a major theme (ie: cool v warm) for the general scheme.  Then zero in on a multi Must Include This colorway.  From there, find a solid to piggy back on one of the shades in the MIT and a second solid (or semi/heathered) to put on the other side.  After that it is a matter of choosing another multi that includes the solid.  Keep building until Voila!  Twelve shades of Fall.

Travel will mess up plans to complete the fronts this week.  I've already decided that juggling twelve balls of color in an airplane seat is a recipe for disaster. 

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