Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In the Eyes

The pleasure of seeing eyes flash wide and then twinkle with joy is quite satisfying.  Really, really satisfying.  A recent journey provided that opportunity.  When last I was ignoring the commission, there seemed plenty of time to finish it.  I found other things to do and to love.

See, the thing was the requested shade of lavender is not within my color sense.  I don't wear it and although it makes a lovely flower in the Spring, it just has no excitement in my eyes.  The finishing of the bolero was, for me personally, rather laborious due to the shade.

But finish it I did.  Sewed and blocked to the necessary size.  Then delivered to she who wanted just that thing in just that color for the new dress that looked matronly with a black blazer.

Voila!  Her eyes flashed.  Her eyes twinkled.  If anyone was looking closely it was possible to see a little mist in my eyes.  She loved it and suddenly lavender became beautiful.

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