Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hole in One!

I got a hole in one!

Is the hole in this front band?

Or is this a button band?

Is the hole in this front band?

Or is this a button band?

I did so enjoy the pick up and knit on a front band class taught by Joyce Wyatt.  Mostly I enjoy her stories and "just go for it" attitude.  This was not the first time I learned from Joyce; it will not be the last time.  There is always some little trick - like picking up with the "tail" on the right side, that just sticks in my brain.

You might recall that this was a short class for ESSS members as the annual year end treat from member Joyce.   We chatted about several issues.  Such as making sure that a purl is the center stitch in the band.  And why the joining knit stitch looks puffy.  And how to fudge the one row difference that can occur at the neck of some garments.

For me, the center purl stitch (as seen from the public side) is the most important thing about which we chatted.  For it is in that receding purl of the ribbing that one can hide the button hole!

Three rows of easy peasy trickery and Voila!

The moral of the story is this:  next time you have an opportunity to take a class in button bands, you might get a hole in one.

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