Monday, November 26, 2012

Progress Is A Good Thing

There was much progress on several projects during this long weekend.

I finished another shopping bag.  This one is rather large so it will hold lots of veggies without squashing anything (pun intended).  This is a crochet project that was in the UFO pile because I don't like adding handles.  What I don't like is sewing handles onto a bag.

I'd already finished the top edging wanted a quick and easy way out.  Enter the slip stitch tie.  Why haven't I though of this solution before?

All I did was attach the new color, chain a length and slip stitch back.  Then I worked sc across the edge of the handle and worked another chain and slip stitch to complete the tie.  Love it.

There was a great amount of progress on the EZ blanket.  Actually more progress than shows up in this photo. The blanket is at that stage where I'm sick of garter stitch broken up by a few short rows.  The tediousness of it leaves ample time to consider adding an edging.  And ample time to become bored.

So, either the blanket will be finished before the next big celebration or it will make new friends in  UFO land.

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