Thursday, August 9, 2012

Never Too Early

That's right.  It is never too early to dream of cooler temps and the need for a wool vest.  Enter the purveyors of drool and a new shipment of Madelinetosh.  Regular readers will know that I've just finished a linen and Tencel scarf and now I've moved right to merino wool.  It's OK.  I'm a knitter.  I am the master of my yarn.  I am the captain of my sticks.

Check out this fabulous free vest pattern.  Moss Stitch, chunky cables, drape. . . love it.  Well, I love most of it.  The back of the vest has a stockinette triangle.  The concept of breaking up the moss with a shape of a different stitch is easy to knit and lovely to look at.  So what is the problem?  What bothers me is the way that the stockinette stands out and curls up.  I don't need that on my back area.  Sorry Berroco team. 

It turns out that moss stitch is totally reversible.  And it also turns out that stockinette reverses to be Reverse Stockinette.  Amazing.  Absolutely amazing.

So, by declaring the wrong side to be the right side, suddenly the center triangle recedes and curls under.  The "pleat" effect is inverted and no longer looks like a bump on my bump.

Some days, this whole knit thing is just too easy.

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