Thursday, August 2, 2012

Experience Replaces Fear

Once upon a time, a fellow yarn lover described working with linen yarn as "making me look like a horrible knitter."   This sentiment is true during the exact moment when one glances down at the fabric as it comes fresh off of the needles.  To anyone under-experienced with the stuff, there is that feeling of failure.  A fear that nothing wearable or useful will ever result. 

It only takes once, that one quick wash and dry of the linen, to teach that there is great success in what at first appears to be failure.   The striped shawl is at that place in time.  The linen looks wretched.  But I know what the final result will be.

The stripe of the Tencel® looks perfect as it is knit.  So far I am extremely pleased with the progress, the mixology of the two different fibers and joy of working lace weight on a size 6 needle.

Life is good - have no fear.

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  1. Linen is on my "to-do" list of yarn to try. Thanks for the heads up on what to expect. Your shawl is looking great.