Friday, August 24, 2012


The new Multnomah is finished - gloriously so, if I do say so myself.  Here is daughter #1 once again serving as model and proving that a shawl fits all sizes from cute young thing to old mama. 

The specifics:
Multnomah (link at bottom of post) which is a pattern from way back in 2009 .
Needle size 4 US
Tiny crochet hook for beads.
Beads left over from two other shawls.  Please don't ask me to count the beads.  Math is not really my thing, so even counting one row, multiplying and then increasing for the increases causes me to say Yuckie Poo!
Malabrigo Sock.  One skein will make a generous size if you just add additional repeats.  I stopped when the beads ran out.

 Here is the typical back view that shows the center spine and the feather and fan (or mountain and valley?) lace work.  But what you really want to see is how the beads worked out.

Voila!  Straight lines of beads that end in a glistening drip of a beaded picot bind off.  Everything between the drips is just a normal K2Tog bind off.  I use the K2Tog BO for shawls because it provides a bit more stretch.  And I am a yanker.  I pull and fiddle and play with my neck wear all day. 

Check out Yarn Fairy's lesson on this wonderful beaded picot.  It might take a few tries to get the hang of the yarn over method, but it works great.  NOTE:  Lenora only did two YOs (with bead placed) prior to picking up a stitch to anchor the whole thing.  Just watch the video and all will be clear.

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